Energy Healings and Medical Medium guidance​

Hi! I have been a Reiki Master for 4 years I specialize in-in person and  long distance energy sessions,  Medical Medium protocol guidance and animal energy work. I also use the Compassion key modality of healing -This is working on releasing traumas on a karmic level. I work with St Germain and the Violet flame of transmutation. Trained in the "let animals lead" and the "Trust Technique" method of animal energy healing. 

The Compassion Key

If you have tried other healing modalities and are still feeling "stuck" in a rut of bad luck, like you can't get it right, or that you will always be unhappy  a compassion key session could be for you. In these sessions we are clearing Karma...  to fully experience wholeness  we must fully heal ourselves. We  clear out all karmic imprints so our souls pure light can shine creating a joyful life. Revisiting  past memories we are able to give ourselves compassion in these situations that may not have been available to you at the time. This clears these imprints and enables huge shifts in life. Notice improvements immediately to your over all wellbeing  financial and love life.

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Medical Medium Protocol Guidance 

I was able to heal Acne, Anxiety,PCOS, Menstrual Issues,Sleep issues, Insomnia, stomach issues. using Anthony William info...Using changes in diet and supplements I can guide you on the path to healing. 

Trust Technique

Animals need clearing too, ALL animals are here to assist us, to teach us the meaning of unconditional love. They absorb things from us and help us bear  the weight of life here on earth. Using the Power of the Present Moment and a quiet mind we are creating space for our animals to heal and let go of their anxieties and trauma. This allows our pets to live a peaceful life. Works great for fearful pets, excessive barking, lunging, pulling, aggression, separation anxiety. This is something that I can teach you to do so you may work with your pets once a series of 4 sessions is done. 

~Long Distance Reiki $50.00

~Compassion key Phone session 1hr-$75.00

~In person Reiki Session 1 hr  $120.00

~In person compassion key plus reiki session 1.5 hrs  $150.00

~In person compassion key session 1 hr $100.00

~Animal Healings Trust technique /energy work  $75.00 

    4 sessions $250.00 recommended for best results

~Medical Medium Protocol Guidance phone session $50.00

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[email protected]

Sessions are available in person and on zoom

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